Reflecting on a Revelation

Good morning! I want to tell you about how my thoughts turned around for me this weekend. First, as I was working this weekend, I was reading through a different training guide that was recently created. One of the training guides showed a STOP-DO technique to use while operating the factory equipment. But I think it will work in my current situation.

Stop-Make time to focus

Think-Understand the full picture

Observe- Watch the operation

Plan-What to do & How to do it

Do-Make the changes

Observe (again)-Is it better or worse

Then the training guide went on to say "If yes, pat yourself on the back. If no, do NOT give up, try again." I wake up to start a new day feeling hopeful and blessed to be alive. Then I find myself very discouraged as I deal with disappointment from another person's actions. I found that I need to use this STOP-DO technique to resolve the issue. Focus, understand their point of view, observe their behavior, plan how I should react instead, change how I feel about it, observe again how it all played out.

I've been thinking negatively for way too long now. At one point this weekend, I was watching the bottles on the conveyor go into the case packer and there were dents forming at the top shoulders of the bottles from too much back-pressure. The case packing equipment runs at the least 10 bottles less per minute than the filling equipment does. Therefore, there is almost constantly a backlog between the equipment zones. The dents pop out later during transport so no damage ever really occurs from that backlog pressure. But I was thinking of that being the exact way I feel my life is going. Everything around me is operating at a much faster pace than I am. I feel that backlog pressure. I feel the damage it is causing to my body, my heart, and my mind. I often feel so crushed from disappointment but all I need is patience, peace and tranquility. God will help me through this journey. I can look forward to something better in His delivery.

I've been searching for a different "me" for so long now. Trying to change my reaction to other people's actions and cruel behaviors. The devil's grip can be so strong. But slowly I'm learning I am loved just the way I am. God is good and he loves me just how he created me. I am lucky to be so blessed with a wonderful family and I have a small circle of true friends that encourage me and love me the way I am. Although they have seen my struggle lately, they are there for me. They don't run away and haven't given up on me.

I tried so hard to find the Lord's peace in my heart and evict the devil from my mind this weekend while I worked. I always try to tune my radio to Spirit FM 106.5 and have only found one radio that barely picks it up. On Sunday, the radio had been placed on the floor. I picked it up and wedged it between two rails and plugged it in. Miraculously, the station came in as clear as can be. God knew I needed to hear songs of worship. The co-worker assigned with my line that day had placed the radio on the floor. I told him "Thank you for touching it." I also talked to him about a few things and we had great conversations about God. He told me, "Patience isn't something a person is genetically born with. It is a valuable skill that needs to be practiced. It's a learned behavior." And he followed it up with "To master patience is to master time." Wise words, my friend.

Today I leave you with scripture from the online bible study I am following. From the book "It's Not Supposed to be This Way" by Lysa TerKeurst. Genesis 2:7 Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

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