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Because I have been researching blogging, digital marketing, direct sales companies, and entrepreneurship, the ads on my social accounts have been relentless. It is crazy how that works. I have had to unsubscribe to email subscriptions because of the overload of material they send after the “free” material I requested came through. And, yes, nothing is free when it comes to all that material. It is a big copywrite hype to get you to buy something they offer. I really don’t want an email list a mile long sending automated emails that just goes to a junk folder, ignored, or quickly deleted. With headlines like, “This just in:” or Your loyalty is paying off” or “Want to know the secret to my success?”; there’s no wonder those emails get deleted. I'm writing for Him.

I am here to spread the message about God. Jesus died for you and me, my friend. He wants us to know Him and His love for us. He is a healer, counselor, a mighty eternal Father, and Prince of Peace. There are evil forces trying to come between you and Him. I listened to a Joyce Meyer episode on Spirit FM 106.5 recently and her message that day was a devotional from her book, “Trusting God Day by Day.” I found a devotion that a blogger from posted 4 years ago. “Resist the devil at his onset. - The temptation to quit is part of being human, but we must resist that temptation and never give up. It is important that we recognize the lies of Satan, and that we resist him at the onset of his attack…Jesus said, 'Temptation must come,' so be on your guard against it.” If you were to Google the message “Resist the devil at his onset,” you will find many other bloggers have covered this devotional in the past.

Just search for God. He is ready and waiting to hear from you. I was having the worst pity party of my life for so long. If I had continued to stay there much longer, I would probably be divorced and even more lost than I felt during that pity party. Thankfully, God showed me a way out of it. He brought me back to music. That being Christian music, where I heard testimonies from the musicians about God’s love, mercy, grace, His kingdom, and His great power. Some new songs that are touching my heart are God Who Stays by Matthew West. Specifically the lyrics: "You're the One who runs in my direction when the whole world walks away. You're the God who stands with wide open arms." Praise Jesus. And You Got This by Love and the Outcome. Specifically the lyrics: "I don't know the way, but you got this." Praise Jesus again.

He showed me that ad about earning money as a blogger. Even though I haven’t made a dime as a blogger, I have found God and I have learned new things. That’s worth so much more to me right now. Praise Him for showing me a way to heal through writing.

He has brought me to another new journey as a Jordan Essentials independent consultant. I love sharing Jordan Essentials products with everyone. They are all natural products for healthy skin. From the Jordan Essentials website about the founder and CEO: "Nancy Bogart founded Jordan Essentials in her kitchen nearly 20 years ago. She wanted to make healthy skin care products that her entire family could safely use. This entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to natural products free of toxins has stayed with us. There are many companies and products out there that might make your skin look nice for a moment or two, but they hurt you in the long run. Our products do both: they make your skin look and feel fantastic." Nancy cooked up her first batch of lotion bars in her kitchen in 1997. "She called her little endeavor Country Bunny, set up her first craft show, and sold out in two hours. Demand was so high, Nancy went from craft shows to launching her own direct sales company within her first year. Since that day in her kitchen in 1997, Nancy has added more products, from soothing Magnesium Lotion to essential oils and high-quality face care. And she’s updated the company name, with a nod to the healing spirit of the Jordan River and the wholesome, essential elements of the Earth. But through it all, one thing has never changed …Our belief that everyone deserves healthy skin—and joyful, healthy lives." Praise God for great opportunities.

Today I will finish this post with scripture from Galatians 5:13 - "You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh ; rather, serve one another humbly in love."

I look at this message every day I walk out of my home. Thanks, Mom. I love you.

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