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New Year, New Vision

So, yeah, that's everyone's goal for a new year. Right? New Year, New You? New beginnings? It's not impossible with God, you know. He is good, merciful, full of Grace, and loves you unconditionally. From the song, Jesus and Mama by Confederate Railroad, the lyrics are " But Jesus and mama always loved me; Even when the devil took control. Jesus and mama always loved me,This I know...I felt tried most all my life; Found new kinds of lows and highs... Life's a picture that you paint With blues and grays and cans of canvas; Heaven knows I'm not a saint, But I know...But Jesus and mama always loved me; Even when the devil took control. Jesus and mama always loved me. This I know." That's what unconditional love is all about. Jesus and Mama are all about unconditional love. Put your trust in God and His timing for all things in your life. Mama will always pray for you.

From Joyce Meyer's sermon, When, God, When? : "The devil can aggravate you but he cannot stop God." "You're not going to get what you want until you get rid of your backup plan." "Stop looking at how far you have to go and start celebrating how far you've come. Amen?" "If you're not ready to take care of it, it's going to be a burden to you." I listen to Joyce Meyer series on Spirit FM 106.5. It seems like the sermons are always on point to what I need to be reminded of. I am so grateful for this great news. I choose Joy, Trusting Him, Forgiveness, Love, Happiness.

I'm still working to promote Jordan Essentials. I love all of these products. The mag plus stick has been a life-saver for me. I have stopped taking OTC meds for coping with my neck pain. I'm getting excited about attending their 20th year birthday bash in February 2020. A new spring launch will be announced and I will get to meet more of the other consultants in person. Most of us only communicate through our Facebook group pages. Jordan Essentials has been such a blessing to me. So many encouraging women who pray for each other, inspire each other, promote each other, and are truly amazingly talented.

Also, I have my own birthday bash coming up in 8 days. My first big home party. I have great game ideas and I'm going to reveal the January Joyful Jordan box. Two of my customers are very interested in it. Toner Mist, 24K collagen under eye gel pack, age defying serum sample, and a Jade roller. A box of products that will make you feel and look younger.

Happy new year everyone. God bless you all. I leave you this time with a song that's been playing through my head over and over again. It's because part of the lyrics in this song really speak life to me, specifically the chorus and bridge. Holy Water by We the Kingdom. [Verse 1] God, I'm on my knees again; God, I'm begging please again; I need You, Oh, I need You. Walking down these desert roads, Water for my thirsty soul. I need You, Oh, I need You. [Chorus] Your forgiveness Is like sweet, sweet honey on my lips, Like the sound of a symphony to my ears. Like holy water on my skin. [Bridge] I don’t wanna abuse Your grace. God, I need it every day. It’s the only thing that ever really makes me wanna change.

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