New Hope

I have a new to me song I want to tell you about. It's stuck in my head every day. I've heard it on Spirit FM over the last few weeks but one particular day I was struggling with the pain and feeling down again. And that's when I really paid attention to the words of the song. I cried and raised my hands to Jesus as I TRULY heard every word in the song that day. Barely able to sing along through the tears but I know God heard my thoughts through that moment. The song is

by David Leonard. It begins like this: "I'm tired of trying to keep it all together, I'm tired of lies disguising who I really am. There's pain that's hiding underneath the surface, I'm tired of trying to keep it on the inside. But here before your love, I'm not afraid." The devil is persistent again. I'm tired of his lies. I want to seek God's Truth. The chorus of the song says, " I'm gonna let you pull the threads til my heart unravels. Open me up with every breath til the darkness scatters and runs away. I'm ready to fall apart, fall into your loving arms. I'm gonna let you pull the threads til my heart unravels into Yours." And the "bridge" in the song is incredible. "Here before your love, I'm not afraid. You stitch me back together with your Grace, woah. Here before your love, I'm not afraid, no You stitch me back together with your Grace." The "bridge" of the song really got to me. I know that God can stitch me back together with His Grace. His beautiful merciful Grace.

I have lost a part of who I once was. I've become a dysfunctional mess. God is mending me. Slowly but surely. In His time. I pass by a church every day I go to work and the sign says "Bad company ruins good morals." I'm trying to stay positive. Positivity sparks creativity. I'm continuing to teach myself more about marketing through free lessons. I'm learning how to improve my life. When God is behind something, I don't need to worry about the outcome. He will work it for good.

From Isaiah 35:4 ESV "Say to those who have an anxious heart, Be strong; fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God. He will come and save you.”

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