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Happy Mother's Day

As promised, I have a special dedication post for you today. For my mom and every mother everywhere: God is holding you while you are holding your children. The idea for this post comes from a special song Jasmine Murray wrote for her own mother. From an interview with Jasmine found on, Jasmine says "'While You Were Holding Me’ is a song that I wrote about my mom. I grew up in a single parent home, so this song is pretty much a tribute to her for just her strength and her courageous faith. Growing up in that environment, I saw my mom in a lot of different lights. I saw her go through amazing times and tough times.I think it’s just incredible how she was able to go through all of those challenges but still take care of the responsibilities that were in front of her and to go through the adversity that she went through and beat it. The real takeaway that I want people to be able to grasp from this song is that No matter what it is you’re going through, whatever the struggle is, maybe you are a single mom, but to know that nothing is impossible." - Jasmine Murray

Thank you, Jasmine, for this beautiful song. This song can easily bring tears to a mothers eyes. Or a daughters eyes for that matter. I've seen my mom go through some very hard circumstances in her life. But she has never lost faith in God. She prayed and worshiped him through it all. She is a strong woman who gives life all she has. I thank the Lord for having her in my life.

All of the songs I hear on Spirit FM 106.5, remind me of God's love for me and you. They remind me I'm not alone in whatever I'm battling today. I need to give it to God and Trust Him. I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. (Can't type very well through tears anyway.") God bless everyone.

Today's closing scripture comes from 1 Peter 3:4: "You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God."

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